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How do I prevent my Carbon Steel Cookware from rusting?Updated 6 months ago

To prevent rust, make sure your pan is properly seasoned. Check out our step-by-step seasoning tutorial by visiting the Carbon Steel Use & Care Page.

After the implementation of this method, we recommend following these simple care instructions to ensure that your Carbon Steel Pan stays rust-free:

  1. Don't wash with soap - If a quick wipe doesn’t clean your pan, wash with a little water and a non-abrasive scrubber. Dish soap and abrasive tools will strip the seasoning.
  2. Do not use the dishwasher - It’ll strip your seasoning layers, and you’ll have to start seasoning your pan again from scratch.
  3. Dry well - Make sure your pan is completely dry before you put it away. Heating it for a few minutes on your stovetop will remove any remaining moisture.
  4. Keep it protected - If you used water to clean your pan, add a tiny bit of oil to the warmed pan after fully drying. Rub it into the cooking surface, wipe off excess (like you did when first seasoning), and store.
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