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What does Misen mean?

Our name comes from “mise en place” which is a culinary term that means “to put in place.” Chefs use the term to describe the process of setting up their stations before service. Misen is an ode to mise en place; better cooking through proper prep.

How can I stay in touch with Misen news and updates?

Keep up to date about new products, promotions, and more by subscribing to our newsletter which can be done using the sign-up link located at the bottom of the Misen homepage. We're also active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What is Misen all about?

Misen is all about offering excellent cookware at an honest price. Our goal from the beginning has always been to offer high-quality kitchenware with premium-grade materials at a price suitable for anyone.

Where is Misen based out of?

Misen was founded in Brooklyn, NY where we launched our very first Kickstarter campaign for our flagship Chef's Knife in 2018 with a roaring success that continues to this day. We continue to operate out of the very same office where we were founded.

How do I unsubscribe from your email list?

At the bottom of each email you receive from Misen, there is an unsubscribe button that will automatically remove you from our mailing list. Alternatively, if you have any issues with that please reach out to our customer support team.

How do I unsubscribe from emails and text messages?

Each email has an unsubscribe button at the bottom that can be used to remove you from our email list. To unsubscribe from text messages, respond to the last text received with the word 'STOP' and you will be removed from our text messaging list.