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How do I clean and care for my Prep Tools?

For our Prep Tools made of silicone, you can either put them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand with warm water and dish soap. For the Prep Tools that have stainless steel involved, we do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher.

Why should I choose the silicone option for the Fish Spatula and Tongs?

Our Fish Spatula and Tongs come with the option to choose silicone edges. This can be extremely helpful to have on the Spatula for delicate foods such as fish or pancakes, or if you are planning to use either of these items on a nonstick surface, tha

How do I clean and care for my Cutting Board?

We recommend cleaning your Cutting Board with warm water and dish soap. We advise against putting it in the dishwasher as it can result in warping and damage to the wood surface due to the extremely high temperatures and harsh chemicals involved.

Do I need to treat my Cutting Board with oil?

Yes, we recommend applying mineral oil, such as cold-pressed grapeseed or sunflower oil, to your cutting board 1-2 times per year to maintain the quality. Once your cutting board is clean and dry, use a cloth or paper towel to apply the oil.

What wood are your Cutting Boards made of?

Our Cutting Boards are made of Ash.

What size Cutting Boards do you offer?

We currently offer our Plastic Cutting Boards in three sizes: small, medium, and large. We also offer a set that includes our small and medium sizes. You can view the specific dimensions for each size on the product page here.

Why would I need a Cutting Sheet?

Whether you need an easy-to-grab surface to slice some veggies on, or a buffer between your wooden cutting board and raw meat to avoid cross-contamination, our Cutting Sheets offer a quick and easy solution. They're flexible and easy to care for.

What size are the Cutting Sheets?

The Misen Cutting Sheets come in a pack of four that contains two small sheets & two large sheets. Here are the dimensions of both:. Small: 12” x 9”Large: 18” x 12”. You can find more product specifications on the product page here.

How do I use the Stainless Steel Cleaner?

Our Stainless Steel Cleaner is very simple to use! Here is the step-by-step process:. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Is the Stainless Steel Cleaner for cookware only?

Nope! As long as the surface is compatible, you can also use the Stainless Steel Cleaner on it. We recommend testing a little cleaner in an inconspicuous area before using it on a new surface.

What surfaces can the Stainless Steel Cleaner damage?

This cleaner is an oxalic acid cleanser that’s gentle on many surfaces but can strip or damage others. It can etch or damage various surface types.

What cookware can I clean with the Stainless Steel Cleaner?

The Misen Stainless Steel Cleaner will work on many surfaces. We do not recommend using our Stainless Steel Cleaner to clean our Carbon Steel Skillets, or any other skillets that require seasoning. The Cleaner would strip all the seasoning.

How many come in a pack of the Parchment Paper?

Both sizes of the Misen Parchment Paper come in 100 per pack. It is pre-cut and designed to fit half and quarter sheet pans perfectly, no trimming or tearing necessary!

What is the Parchment Paper made of?

The Misen Parchment paper is made of 100% natural wood pulp, a two-side food-grade silicone coating, and is unbleached. It is microwave & oven-safe up to 425°F / 220°C. It's also freezer safe and reversible and reusable.

What is Parchment Paper and how does it differ from Wax Paper?

Parchment Paper is coated with silicone, which makes it nonstick and also heat-resistant. It can be used for lining baking sheets or cake pans, layering between cookies, and covering a work surface, just to name a few.

What size is the Parchment Paper?

The Misen Parchment Paper is offered in two sizes: half sheet which measures 16.5” x 11.5”, and quarter sheet which measures 11.75” x 8.25”.

Is the Parchment Paper recyclable?

No, Parchment Paper isn’t recyclable or compostable because it’s coated with silicone so this makes it difficult to recycle since the components can’t be easily separated.

What temperature can the Oven Thermometer go up to?

The Misen Oven Thermometer can withstand temperatures up to 600ºF.

How can I know that your Oven Thermometer is accurate?

The Misen Oven Thermometer has been independently verified by NSF International to provide accurate temperature readings of your oven.

Why would I need a Silicone Roasting Rack?

For evenly bronzed and crisped roasts, airflow is key. Hot air needs to be able to travel over and under your food. A proper roasting rack allows plenty of air to flow freely. Our silicone racks feature unique perforated corners.

Are the Wire Roasting Racks oven safe?

The Misen Wire Roasting Racks are oven safe up to 450° F / 230° C.

What size are the Wire Roasting Racks and what are they made of?

The Wire Roasting Racks are made to fit seamlessly with standard Half and Quarter Sheet Pans. The dimensions are as follows:. Half Sheet: 11.75" x 16.5" x 0.5"Quarter Sheet: 11.75" x 8.25" x 0.5". The racks are made of Aluminized Steel and two layers