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Mail-in Knife SharpeningUpdated 5 months ago

With our Mail-in Knife Sharpening service, you can send us your dull knives, and we'll put them in the mail -  sharpened - within 48 hours. We'll also send you 2 loaners, a chef and a paring knife, while you wait that you can purchase later on for 50% off the retail price. 

How it works: 

  1. Place your sharpening order here for anywhere between 4 (or less) to 15 knives. They can be any brand - not just Misen.
  2. We send you everything needed to safely pack up your dull knives including an outer bag, padded envelope, knife guards, and prepaid USPS label. Simply drop it in the mail and we'll do the rest.
  3. Our master sharpeners will restore your dull knives to their original factory sharpness in 48 hours.
  4. We  ship your knives back — as sharp as the day you first got them. 
  5. Send back the loaners with the prepaid label we provide or keep them at 50% off the retail price.

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