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Knife Sharpening

Mail-in Knife Sharpening

With our Mail-in Knife Sharpening service, you can send us your dull knives, and we'll put them in the mail -  sharpened - within 48 hours. We'll also send you 2 loaners, a chef and a paring knife, while you wait that you can purchase later on for 50

Knife Sharpening Loaners

Knife sharpening without loaners never made sense to us. What are you supposed to use while your knives are away? That's why we send you an 8” Chef Knife and a 3.5” Paring Knife to use while your knives are being sharpened. When you receive your shar

What type of knives will you sharpen?

We sharpen pretty much all styles of traditional kitchen knives. However, there are some things we cannot accept:.